Laparoscopic Surgery and Weight Loss

When looking into weight loss surgery, youll find there are several terms and procedures that are used. Each type of surgery has its benefits and downfalls. One of the terms commonly used with weight loss surgery is laparoscopic surgery. Comprehending what this means and what types of procedures the surgery entails will help you establish whether it is a good solution for your own weight loss.

What is a Laparoscope

A laparoscope is an instrument that is used when performing surgery by physicians. It has a tube that is inserted into your body that is then linked up to a camera. This allows the surgeon to be able to control the incision sizes that are made and will allow for them to see in different areas that would otherwise not be able to be seen. Often times this type of surgery is performed on those who have a gallbladder disease or other types of internal diseases.

The first thing that will be done when using a laparoscope for your weight loss surgery is that small incisions will be cut into your abdomen. The instruments will then be moved through these incisions to see exactly where the band or other type of device for your weight loss should be put. This is defined as “minimally invasive” because of the small incisions that are made.

Incisions Required

From here, significant differences can be seen between regular surgery incisions and laparoscopic surgery incisions. The laparoscopic surgery will use five to six incisions through your abdomen. However, they will only be one-fourth to one half of an inch wide. With regular surgery, you will have one incision made. This will be eight to ten inches wide.

Despite the minimal invasion that is attached to the idea of laparoscopic surgery, it is also known that there are several who will not be able to use this type of surgery. If you are over 350 pounds, you will not be able to endure a laparoscope. This is because the incisions will not be able to be made properly and it will be hard to see if the right area is being worked on. The second reason why you would not be able to use this type of surgery is if you have had abdominal surgery in the past. This will stress the particular area out too much and cause risk factors to be higher.

If you are considering weight loss surgery, knowing the type of incisions that you want to have and what type of technology is best to use should also be considered. Laparoscopic surgery is one option that can be looked into. Depending on what types of incisions you are comfortable with, as well as your bodies ability to handle this type of surgery can also be looked at. By speaking with your surgeon, as well as knowing what you are comfortable with will help you in easily making the decisions for your weight loss surgery.

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