Too much alcohol, particularly if associated with a diet deficient in thiamine (Vitamin B1) can lead to irreversible brain damage. This dementia is preventable.

If people don’t drink, or they drink at a safe level, then they cannot develop Alcohol Related Dementia. The most vulnerable parts of the brain are those used for memory, and for planning, organizing and judgment, social skills and balance.

If the individual stops drinking there may be some improvement. Taking thiamine appears to help prevent and improve the condition. ** Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease** - Mad Cow Disease

Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease is also known as Mad Cow Disease. An extremely rare and fatal brain disorder caused by a prion, which is a protein particle. The disease occurs in one in every million people per year.

The early symptoms of this disease include:

After which, the disease progresses rapidly, resulting in :

  • Pronounced mental deterioration

  • Involuntary movements appear

  • Person may become blind

  • Develop weakness in the arms or legs and finally lapse into a coma

This disease can jump species barriers, and can affect cows, humans, and other animals.

The Australian Red Cross (and other Red Cross organizations around the world) expressly forbid anyone who lived in the United Kingdom between the years of 1980 and 1998 to donate blood, because of the higher than average possibility that they consumed beef from slaughtered Mad Cows that entered the human food chain in the UK (in spite of promises and guarantees from numerous UK politicians). It is feared that these people will go on to develop Mad Cow Disease later in life, and if they were allowed to donate blood, that the recipients of this blood could also develop the disease.

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