Kanye to the rescue for sick Drake

Rapper Kanye West took over for artist Drake at the Wireless Festival. West, 37, is known for his public antics and went on a rant at the Saturday night event he was headlining. But when Drake had to cancel due to sickness, West covered for him. He shouted to the crowd, “My homeboy Drake can’t be here but we still gonna rep for him tonight.”

The Wireless Festival is a 3-day English music festival that takes place in London. It started in 2005 and features major artists. West was the major performer of the event, which was in Birmingham and Finsbury Park. It also featured Bruno Mars, Ellie Goulding, and Robin Thicke. Dressed in tie-dye outfit, and wearing a bejeweled mask, he filled in for Drake. He performed the songs All Me, Trophies, and We Made It.

West, who is married to reality start Kim Kardashian, admitted he was ‘shy, lazy and arrogant’, and compared himself to a porcupine and a blowfish. He also ranted against the fashion industry and paparazzi, talking about racism, which the crowd had a mixed reaction to. Some of them booed the rapper.

Despite the rant, Drake was appreciative of the gesture, thanking West on Instagram. The 27-year-old Canadian R&B artist has become friendly with the rapper and was glad that West covered for him. Drake was scheduled to perform on July 4th, but had to cancel due to illness. His doctors determined he was not fit to fly. Some fans were not happy about the artist pulling out of the festival and reacted negatively online. They responded angrily on Twitter, a few not wanting to go to the Wireless Festival because Drake wouldn’t be there. Others were mad that West took over for him. The artist followed the doctor’s orders and let the rapper fill in.