Kanye to bored fans: I’m shy!

After receiving a negative response from the audience during his opening night performance at the Wireless London festival last Friday night, rapper Kanye West told his bored and disappointed fans how he was a “shy” person during last night’s performance.

Kanye West went on to rant to his fans explaining in detail that not only was he shy but that he was also arrogant. He criticized other celebrities that post on the internet as not speaking from their heart and shared his fears about the implications of being followed by the paparazzi as a new father.

Despite some of the honest revelations that Kanye West shared, he still managed to blame the media for making him appear “crazy” to all of his fans. This alluded to the fight with photographer Daniel Ramos in 2013 that landed Kanye West with two years of probation.

Although the crowd initially appeared to support West’s talk, they became frustrated when his rant went for over 20 minutes in length. They booed him and chanted, “We want Drake,” who was supposed to perform at the festival but was too sick to attend.

This is hardly the first time that Kanye West has told the world that he was a shy person. In last year’s season finale of the talk show Kris, a talk show hosted by his mother in law Kris Jenner, West admitted to his shyness to the studio audience and viewers.

Some of his fans and former fans are taking to social media calling Kanye West out on the shy routine. They claim that if the rapper was as shy as he claims to be he wouldn’t be stopping every show’s performance with long rants.