Good times come and go for all major networks, and with the mega-hits Sons of Anarchy and Justified both ending their runs last season, FX will have to do some pivoting to keep the good times rolling.

Last season’s SOA saw the Sons bringing in higher ratings for FX than at any other time, for any other show, according to Yahoo. Justified didn’t perform that well, but had a strong, as well as a cultish, following, and scored critical acclaim along the way. Tuesday nights were spent watching a lot of shooting and brawling as both of these shows occupied their slots.

FX is looking to capitalize on what it has left. Fargo is coming back with an interesting cast,  Archer is still around, as well as Louie and American Horror Story. After that, FX has a sort of mish-mash of semi-popular shows, and is currently spreading those offerings thin as it moves shows to their new offspring FXX. The perennial It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, for instance, has moved to FXX.

Nothing on the table has the following of Justified, much less SOA. So, here come the new shows; Kurt Sutter (Director of The Shield and SOA) will bring the period drama _The Bastard Executioner _to FX.  Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll is going to get some attention because it stars Denis, Leary, and American Crime Story is an anthology based  series much like Fargo. Louis C.K. will continue his five-year old show, while also bringing Baskets, a clown-based comedy.

It remains to be seen whether FX can reposition itself after losing two huge shows, or whether some down-time is on the horizon.

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