Jump Start Metabolism

There is nothing that gets your metabolism moving quickly in the morning as fast as exercising first thing after rising EVEN before eating breakfast. Then after you have worked out for at least 30 minutes to an hour, eat a healthy breakfast with some protein in it. This will help to get your metabolism jumpstarted for the day.

Another thing that really helps to jump start your metabolism is to start your day off with a tall glass of cold water. Your body will need to warm up and will need energy to do that so it revs up the metabolism in order to raise your body temperature.

Eating protein for breakfast also helps to boost up your metabolism because it takes more energy to process protein than it does to process carbohydrates. So have bacon, or sausage with your breakfast, your metabolism will thank you.

Throw More Wood on the Fire

Your metabolism is like a fireplace that has been dormant all night and working out early in the morning before breakfast followed by a healthy breakfast is like throwing that first log of wood on your fireplace. It gets the fire going.

Working out early in the morning followed by a sensible breakfast containing protein is like adding that first log to the fire when it comes to your metabolism.

To keep your metabolism going and making good use of that earlier jumpstart to your metabolism (keeping the fire stoked) you will need to eat frequent small meals about every 3 hours apart throughout the day. Food needs energy to process it and the chemical processes in metabolism supply energy.

Good Night’s Sleep

In order to increase your metabolism make sure that you get a full eight hours of sleep every night (metabolism at its slowest) and then wake up your metabolism by 30 minutes to an hour of exercise.

Drink a full glass of cold water before, during and after your exercise so that your metabolism will have to work hard to keep your body warm. Follow up your exercise by eating a healthy breakfast that contains protein.

Eating frequent, smaller meals (200 to 250 calories each) during the day about 3 hours apart will help your body to keep that earlier burst of metabolism going throughout your day.

It is important to keep feeding that metabolism fire that your jump-start began in the morning. Don’t let your metabolism die out if you want to lose weight. Use your metabolism to your advantage by feeding it frequently throughout the day.

You can jumpstart your metabolism by thinking smart and utilizing your early morning hours for the benefit of your body. Remember to not eat before doing your first early morning exercise. Drink cold water first thing in the morning and make sure that your breakfast contains protein. Eat frequent small meals about 3 hours apart during the day and you should be able to keep your metabolism going throughout the day.

Image: Staci L., Creative Commons License