The Juice-Fast Diet- Good or Bad

When you are trying to find a diet solution, you are likely looking at each type of diet with certain expectations. Not only do you want to lose weight, but also you certainly do not want to lose muscle mass, nor do you want to damage your body long term in your weight loss goals.

Each year millions of people try to diet, and this leaves nutrition experts constantly searching for the perfect diet to market.

Juice-Fast Diet Good

As you can imagine if you only have a few small pounds you want to lose, and by small, this is less than 10 pounds then the juice-fast diet can be a good option to explore. This involves drinking nothing but juice and water for several days, and omitting food completely.

The juices you drink are very important because you need as many nutrients as possible so that your body does not shut down. This method however is generally only good at helping you lose water weight, so if you are not retaining water then you are not likely to see much benefit from this method. However, it is a fast way to quickly reduce your water weight by a few pounds.

Juice-Fast Diet Bad

As you can imagine a diet of nothing but juice and water after a few days can be very unhealthy. In order to maintain a healthy body you need a large variety of vitamins and nutrients that juice and water alone cannot provide. If you are looking to lose actual body fat then the juice-fast diet is not going to be a very effective diet tool for you.

Because the juice-fast diet is primarily focused around losing excess water, it is not going to help you lose the body fat that has built up in your problem areas, which will lead to frustration in the end as well as potential damage to your vital organs.

Bad News

The really bad news surrounding the juice-fast diets are that if you consume nothing but juice and water for days you can end up forcing your body to begin eating at itself. With the muscle mass being the first thing consumed and then vital organs next on the buffet you are opening yourself to some very long term risks if you think you can lose a large amount of weight safely using this diet method.

How effective the juice-fast diet is in conjunction with other diet forms is not quite known, but if is obvious that on its own this is not a diet form that is very effective, nor is it safe for long term use.

The longest someone should participate in a juice-fast diet is only a couple of days, and once again only if you are looking to lose less than 10 pound of water weight not body fat. With so many diets on the market today, there are much safer ways of losing the body fat you wish to lose, without as many consequences to your health.

The only major benefit that the juice-fast diet presents is the ability to keep someone from suffering from dehydration because of the increase of liquids consumed. However, this alone is not enough reason to support this diet.