Is the GOP gearing up to smear Hillary Clinton over her age in 2016 election?

It’s hard enough trying to be the first woman to win the presidency — as Hillary Rodham Clinton solidifies herself as the frontrunner for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, questions are beginning to emerge about whether her age plays a part in how voters see her as well, and Republicans may be looking to take advantage of that.

Hillary Clinton’s age and health are sure to be topics at some point, as she would be the second-oldest person ever to be elected president if she were successful at the age of 69, not far off the age of Ronald Reagan when he won the Oval Office in 1980, according to a Washington Post report.

And Republicans may be gearing up to take shots at her for it, with former George W. Bush strategist Karl Rover telling the Post that Hillary Clinton had suffered a serious health incident back in 2012 when she fell and struck her head, and — while he wouldn’t go as far as suggesting she had brain damage — questioned why she wasn’t more “forthcoming” about it.

Clinton’s press secretary Nick Merrill was quick to hit back at Rove as trying to stir up an issue that wasn’t there, and insisted that Hillary’s age and health were completely fine.