Internet Weight Loss Programs

The internet has made great strides in the last decade or so in terms of technology and popularity. It has made life easier for so many people around the world in various ways. Recently, there has been a wave of internet weight loss programs that have flooded the web.

But how effective are these internet weight loss programs? After a careful assessment of various online weight loss websites and published studies in the area, we are happy to report that most people consider these internet weight loss programs to be very effective indeed.

For most people, the biggest appeal of internet weight loss programs is that of convenience. They encompass virtually all the principles that are taught in gyms or fitness centers without the actual hassle of having to travel to these destinations.

In addition, these internet weight loss programs are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, unlike your typical fitness center. What’s more a recent research study reveals that most American adults actually prefer a weight loss program that suits their individual personality rather than those structured face-to-face regimens.

The Best Approach

If you are planning to undertake your own internet weight loss program, then you are on the right track. However, here’s something that may increase the effectiveness of such weight loss programs – the best approach is to combine an online weight loss program with an online behavior therapy program.

To illustrate, a study by the Journal of the American Medical Association published on March 7, 2001 compared two groups – one that followed an internet weight loss educational program and the other that followed an internet online behavior therapy program.

The participants in the latter group lost more weight than those in the former group. Its conclusion is that, in matters of weight loss, addressing a person’s attitude toward the task is more effective than simply telling him what to do. The best approach is to combine both.

What to Look For & What to Avoid

So, now you’re ready to get started on your internet weight loss program. Here are a few things to remember as you get started:

(1) Choose an online weight loss program that is run by qualified health professionals. Check out the main principals’ experience in the field. There should be at least one person in the program who is a registered dietician.

(2) Choose an online weight loss program that offers a wide array of diet plans. There should be diet plans that address your low-fat concerns as well as the concerns of vegetarians. The site should not promote a one-size-fits-all diet program.

(3) Choose an online weight loss program that boasts of a professional look and approach. (

4) Do NOT choose an online weight loss program that insists on selling you other products such as specialty foods, vitamins and supplements.