Internal Hemorrhoid Medications

If you have hemorrhoids, then you are also probably looking for a safe and effective way to treat the problem. One of the solutions that you may want to consider is medication that can be used to treat hemorrhoids. By knowing what is available, you can choose the best method to help relieve the symptoms. This will allow the blood vessels to stop bleeding, swelling and causing irritation.

The first type of treatment for hemorrhoids will be the ones that focus on internal hemorrhoids. These are blood vessels that form in the rectum and anal area. You will know if you have internal hemorrhoids because there will be bleeding. If the internal hemorrhoids are more severe, then there will also be tissue that moves outside of the anus area. There are several treatment options available for these types of hemorrhoids. If you dont want to use home remedies for your internal hemorrhoids, then you can look into certain medications that will help.


One type of medication that can be used for internal Hemorrhoids are called astringents. Astringents include Calamine, Zinc Oxide and Hamamelis water. These can be purchased over the counter. These are known to decrease the swelling and the irritation in the area.

This happens by the astringent producing more protein to move under the cell surface where the hemorrhoids are. A thin layer will then form over the tissue in order to protect the area from becoming infected or irritated again. This can help with the burning and itching of the hemorrhoid.


Another medication that is approved for treating internal Hemorrhoids is called protectants. The medications that are in this category include aluminum hydroxide gel, cocoa butter, glycerin, hard fat, kaolin, lanolin, mineral oil, white petrolatum, and topical starch. This will also move into the area that is irritated and create a protective layer over the skin. As a result, the inflammation of the hemorrhoids will decrease.


The third type of medication that you can use is a vasoconstrictor. The two major medications that are used with the vasoconstrictor are ephedrine sulfate and phenylephrine hydrochloride. These will focus on constricting the blood vessels, which will eventually cause the dilated veins to be reduced back to a normal size.

You will notice that with these medications, the irritation and itching will quickly be relieved. Before taking this particular type of medication, you will want to make sure that you dont have conditions that will cause a negative reaction by your body.

The FDA has approved all of the above medications for hemorrhoids treatments as proper treatments for getting rid of internal Hemorrhoids. If you are having problems with bleeding, irritation or discomfort, then you can use these medications to help.

Before taking any of these medicines, you should first check to make sure that you would not have side effects from the medication. By first determining this, you can make sure that you use the right medication in order to solve the problem of internal hemorrhoids.