Interferon Side Effects

Hepatitis C is one of the few types of the hepatitis disease that can occur chronically, causing you to be struck with the problem for the duration of your life. Those who are diagnosed with a chronic case of hepatitis C often have to undergo a liver transplant at some point in their life due to the corrosive damage that the disease can cause to the liver.

Those who seek treatment for the disease may be able to curb its progression, and in many cases, can cause the disease to be completely removed from their body. The drugs known as interferon and ribavirin are the standard medical solutions to the disease, but they can cause numerous side effects. In this article, well examine interferons mental side effects, and well help to provide solutions to some of them.

Sleep Problems

When undergoing interferon therapy, many have trouble sleeping at night. Inteferon injections can cause your body to be in an excited state, making it difficult to get a good nights sleep. Some simple solutions for getting back on a good sleep schedule include getting a regular sleep cycle going by going to bed and waking up at the same time on a daily basis. Also, you may want to avoid drinking liquids before bed, as it can cause you to wake up to go to the bathroom, limiting your sleep.

Anxiousness can also occur for those who are on an interferon regimen. This is one of the common side-effects of the therapy, and there are some simple methods for dealing with it. For one, you should avoid the use of stimulants such as caffeine throughout the day.

Also, relaxation methods such as yoga and mediation can be of merit. Remember that the drug is making you feel anxious, and getting that idea firmly planted in your head can clear up much of the confusion that you may feel.

Mood Swings

Another mental issue that can occur due to interferon is a short temper. Many are taken aback when they realize that the drug can cause them to be distempered, but there are ways to limit the drugs effects. When you begin to feel mad about something, you may want to take some deep breaths and count to ten. This technique can cause you to feel better quickly and easily.

Yoga and meditation can also be helpful when trying to keep your anger to a minimum. Be sure to vent your feelings of frustration as it can help you to cope with the problem.

Depression may be another mental side-effect of interferon treatment. Most people who feel depressed while undergoing the treatment cheer up within a week or two after stopping the therapy. Anti-depressants may be useful to curbing the depression, and changing your interferon dosage can also help.

If depression hits you momentarily, you should do something that you enjoy to heighten your spirits. If you ever feel as if youre contemplating suicide, you should call a help line immediately. The depression is often caused merely by the medication, so you should keep that in mind before making any rash decisions in your life.

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