Coping with Interferons Side Effects

Interferon is one of the best ways of helping the body to fight against the hepatitis C virus. To that end, its important to know the side effects of the drug, and more importantly, you should know how to curb the problems the side-effects can cause. In this article, well explain some of interferons effects on the body and well deliver some simple solutions to limiting the problems.


Nausea is one of the worst side effects that one can experience when they are undergoing interferon injection therapy. If you are nauseous and vomiting regularly, you should speak with your doctor about the problem. If the nausea only strikes every now and again, however, there are some simple things that you can do to lessen the problem. For one, you should know the foods that can be helpful to your body after vomiting.

Crackers, pretzels, and popcorn can be helpful in limiting nausea. Carbonated beverages may also cause you to feel better, with cola and ginger-ale being some common choices among nauseous patients. Tea can also be helpful in curbing nausea- chamomile and ginger tea are some common choices for settling the stomach. Your doctor may be able to prescribe you something to deal with your nausea if it is intense and regularly occurring.


Diarrhea is another problem that can strike when on an interferon regimen. When diarrhea occurs, its important to replenish the fluids that your body loses in the process. To that end, beverages such as Gatorade, tea, water, or even soup broth can be helpful in getting your body back up to speed.

Foods with soluble fiber can be very useful when it comes to limiting the effects of diarrhea, as these types of foods can help to absorb liquid in the body. After you have a diarrhea bowel movement, be sure to drink at least one cup of liquid. Greasy foods, spicy foods, and sweet foods should be avoided when recovering from diarrhea.

Hair Loss

Hair loss may also occur in patients on interferon. Approximately one out of three interferon patients end up having a problem with hair loss, and its important to remember that the problem will dissipate when you are done taking the interferon.

To avoid losing a lot of hair while on the treatment, however, you should avoid hairstyles that put a lot of strain on the hair, such as cornrows or braids. Many people find solace in wearing a hat while they are undergoing the treatment to disguise the problem.

These are just a few of the side effects that can occur when one is on the interferon therapy. To learn more about its other side effects, be sure to read the other articles that weve created on the subject. They will help to provide you with methods for dealing with the other side effects that interferon may cause.

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