Who is Prone to Insomnia?

Reports have it that 90% of people can acquire transient insomnia at some point in their lives. While an estimate of 30% suffers from its chronic form.

a. Women are said to be more at risk in acquiring insomnia because of the following reasons:

        Pre-menstrual syndrome with symptoms of irritability, depression and anxiety, and bloating due to menstruation disturbs a woman’s sleeping pattern.


        ┬ácan also change a woman’s sleeping pattern.
        Pregnancy makes sleeplessness one common thing to happen.

    b. Elderly people are also prone to getting insomnia because ageing alters one’s sleeping patterns.

    c. Depressed people have lighter slumbers compared to those who don’t feel this psychological condition.

    d. Students or younger ones who are conscious with their grades (because of cramming) can easily become insomniacs too.

    With that vast information on what causes insomnia and who are at risk with this sleeping disorder, one can easily ward off this annoying condition.

    To find out if you have an insomnia problem, follow this link and take the quick quiz.

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