Symptoms Indicating Insomnia

The experience of illness precipitates many stressful feelings and reactions like anxiety, anger, denial, shame, guilt, and uncertainty. The diagnostic tests, the medical treatment, the prognosis, the body changes, the reactions of family and friends, the experience of hospitalization, and the projected changes in life style—all take part in a persons adaptation to the new situation.

No wonder why there are certain conditions that are not treated immediately because most people who experience them are ashamed of admitting them or are not the least aware that they have them.

Take for example sleeping disorders. A lot of people are not aware that such conditions exist. They think that simple matters that occur during their sleep are just the effects of other factors such as physical stress, fatigue, etc.

While these factors may contribute to the conditions of sleeping disorders, there are still other reasons that trigger these alarming conditions. What people dont know is that there are symptoms that may seem too ordinary to get worried but are, in reality, already signs of serious conditions or a greater risk in sleeping disorder.

According to some scientific reports and findings, more or less 33% of the entire population experience sleeping disorders. One of the most common sleeping disorders is Insomnia and sleep apnea ranking second on the list.

Usually, there are signs or symptoms of sleeping disorders that re already manifested or prevalent but are still neglected due to the fact that an individual lack information about the condition or is not the least aware of what these symptoms mean.

That is why it is important for an individual to know these symptoms so as to know what necessary measures and actions should be taken immediately.

Heres the list:

1. Restless sleep at night.

There are people who cannot sleep restfully at night. These people have the tendency to toss and turn while they are trying to get some stable sleeping pattern.

Restless sleeping goes to show that the body is responding to a certain stimulus that triggers some activities. These may mean stuffed nose that leads to difficulty in breathing.

Hence, restless sleep is a good indicator that a person is experiencing sleeping disorder.

First, if the person is having difficulty in breathing even while sleeping would definitely lead to snoring or sleep apnea. These are two of the known sleeping disorders which when taken for granted may cause serious health problems or even death.

2. Sleeping during daytime or generally falls asleep most of the time.

People who are suffering from these kinds of symptoms are known to have sleeping disorders. This goes to show that the person is having a difficulty in staying awake.

These conditions are vital indicators of a certain sleeping disorder known as narcolepsy.

Narcolepsy has no known cause. However, it is usually characterized by excessive sleeping during daytime, in spite of the fact that the person had enough sleep during the night.

Studies show that those who usually fall asleep during the day, without any justifiable reason is said to be suffering from narcolepsy.

Whats worse is that the attack usually occurs without notice or tell-tale signs. There are, in fact, some cases wherein people just doze off unexpectedly, even if they are doing something, say, watching the television or even walking.

3. Snoring while sleeping.

There are instances wherein people snore while sleeping. Because it is so common to almost anybody who sleeps, most people tend to think that snoring is just a part of sleeping and is a normal behavior. They even associate snoring with too much fatigue and stress, that is why, they consider it too common to get worried.

The only thing people get worried is when the snoring is already causing too much trouble with the couple or to those who are around them.

What people dont know is that snoring may be the primary indicator of a person who has more serious sleeping disorder aside from snoring itself.

Excessive snoring may lead to other serious sleeping disorder such as sleep apnea. This is because snoring manifests difficulty in breathing. That is why the vibration that happens inside the throat area is being induced whenever something is blocking the area.

Sleep apnea is a life-threatening sleeping disorder that manifests any interruptions or pauses in between breaths. It is so alarming because a person who is sleeping and suffering from sleep apnea usually stops breathing for several seconds usually up to a minute long and resumes breathing thereafter.

Indeed, these symptoms may seem too common for people to understand that they are the main factors that indicate the sleeping disorder.

But now that these items are known, the best thing to do is to assess them if they experience these problems. As soon as they are able to identify if they have these problems, it is best to have their conditions diagnosed by a doctor immediately so as to obtain necessary treatment.

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