Infection Control and Vaccinations

The world is a healthier place thanks to vaccinations. Vaccinations help prevent disease which in turn protects the health of the public at large. The saying that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is definitely apt in the case of vaccinations because by avoiding a disease all together, you are not subjected to the possibility of becoming really ill with a disease and possibly even dying.

Diseases like polio, measles, mumps and meningitis that once killed millions of people are know virtually unseen in the United States thanks to vaccinations. Regular doctor check-ups and following the immunization schedules for children is the best way for adults to protect them from these diseases. In addition, adults also should always ask their doctors about any vaccinations that they might need as not all of them protect them for life.

Of course, there are some countries in the world which still see these preventable diseases due to lack of proper medical care, unsanitary living conditions and contaminated food and water sources. Therefore, vaccinations are essential, especially if you plan to travel overseas. Otherwise, you could bring infection home and pass it along to someone who may not have had any vaccinations due to immaturity of age or specific health issues like leukemia or cancer.

Importance of Childhood Vaccinations

Protection against diseases starts with babies. While they are born with some immunity against illness, thanks to the antibodies they get from mom, these protective effects last indefinitely. Therefore, it is important to limit exposure to people who are sick and to get immunizations as quickly as possible.

Without vaccinations, a child exposed to a totally preventable disease may not have a strong enough immune system to fight the infectious disease. Before polio, measles and other vaccines, millions of children all over the world died from diseases that are now totally preventable.

These diseases are still around because it is nearly impossible to eradicate the bacteria that cause them. However, you do not hear about these diseases much anymore thanks to the power of vaccinations.

Immunizing children and adults against disease is important, not only to the fabric of a family but to the overall community as well. View immunizations as your duty to stay healthy for your family. Vaccinations are the only thing that slows down a disease and keeps it from spreading. Its the ultimate in infection control.

Controversy Surrounding Vaccinations

Some parents have blamed vaccinations for the development of autism and other conditions in their children. Seemingly healthy children who received vaccinations developed unusual health conditions that could be adequately explained. The fact of the matter is that there is no definitive proof that vaccinations have caused any major health issues. There could be a host of unrelated things that contributed to these odd health conditions.

The only true way to guard you and your family against disease is vaccinations. Millions of people over the years can attest to the safety of these immunizations just as scientists and doctors can too.