Infant Massage Therapy

Research proves that parents benefit from infant massage as well as the baby. Massage is a great way to improve trust and strengthen the bonds between infants and parents. Relaxing in a chair with soothing music in the background can help your infant relax and your body will relax too.

It can strengthen your confidence in parenting skills and you can learn a great deal about your baby. You can understand the babys way of communicating when you are able to see them relax and respond to the feel of your touch on their body.

Parental Benefits

Giving your infant a massage can give you a sense of peace and serenity, find relaxation, and feel calmer while giving your infant a massage. Fathers can be wonderful for this because it give them quality time with their baby. They dont have the ability to bond with breast-feeding so giving your baby an infant massage can create a bond that could last for their entire life.

Fathers who give their baby infant massages can feel a part of the wonderful growth process both physically and mentally. This is a time when they normally will feel left out and is a great way to encourage their sense of parenthood.

Baby Massage History

How did infant massage begin? It is new in the United States but in other cultures it has been around for centuries. In India, new mothers regularly massage their infants and everyone in their households. They pass their knowledge down to their daughters who continue the tradition when they have their own home.

Vimala McClure wrote the first book that touted the benefits of infant massage in the early 1970s. She studied the effects of infant massage and uses Swedish strokes, yoga, and reflexology. It includes strokes the Indian mothers used with their child. McClure encourages the interest in Infant Massage at her International Association of Infant Massage. She has trained infant massage instructors all over the world.

Massage Tips for New Parents

What is the secret to giving your tiny infant a massage? Choose a place in your home that is warm, quiet and comfortable for both you and your baby. You have the option of using massage oil such as light, cold-pressed vegetable oils like safflower, apricot kernel, or almond. It is not advisable to use commercially made baby oil or lotions with a petroleum base.

You should adjust your massage strokes to be soft, gentle and the same pressure. It should be just enough to be comfortable but stimulating at the same time. Your baby will set the pace if you will watch their reactions. Listen to your baby and watch the reactions they give you.