Chronic Indigestion Home Remedies

Chronic indigestion sufferers inevitably get tired of taking medication sooner or later and start looking for alternate ways to control their indigestion. There are several natural home remedies that can be tried to help reduce the effects and possibly treat the effects of acid reflux, heartburn and indigestion. These remedies don’t have the unwanted side effects of medications and can be used in place of antacids. No do they contain aluminum like some products do. Aluminum is known to contribute to the development of senility and Alzheimer’s disease.


Aniseed or anise is one herb that can help your chronic digestive condition while at the same time have quite a few other benefits. You should use only the ash-colored anise that is referred to as green anise, European anise or sweet anise. The other two types of aniseseed are star anise and caraway, both of which should not be used for indigestion.

Peppermint and Lavender

Another natural remedy for indigestion problems is peppermint. It helps your digestion system, stomach problems, cramps, ulcers and gas.

Lavender is also recognized as having great healing effects on the body. It can be a great aid for the stomach and is useful in the process of reducing the acid in the stomach.

Papaya and Pineapples

Pineapples contain various enzymes like bromelain, which reduces protein. Pineapples help reduce inflammation caused by indigestion as well as support healing of your damaged esophagus. Fresh pineapple juice has a high level of enzymes to help stop indigestion. Bromelain is also available in tablet form and you can use 200 to 500mg per meal.

Papaya contains the digestive enzyme papain, which is excellent for protein digestion; you can take it with every meal. You should use 500mg or more of papaya enzymes per meal.


Chicory root is a bitter herb that contains the ingredients endive and escarole. Boiling one and half cup of chicory root for five to ten minutes, and allowing it to cool so you can drink it as a tea may help correct indigestion, acid reflux or heartburn. Adding chicory root to a salad can also be a benefit to helping your indigestion.

The preeminent way to avoid acid reflux, heartburn and indigestion is to eat foods that are alkaline. The foods and herbs mentioned above will help provide relief. However, it is important to add a salad to your diet everyday to help reduce the amount of indigestion you suffer from.

Additional foods include cinnamon, which has an antiseptic effect and has the ability to settle acidic stomachs. Cinnamon is great because it can be added to several foods and eaten with your meal while giving you food a great and unique taste.

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