Incontinence Treatments for Women

Bladder control problems can affect both men and women, young and old. Most cures for incontinence works for both men and women such as bladder training, muscle exercises, prescriptions, and surgery. There are special methods of treatment that are available for women only.

Both men and women can practice training your bladder to urinate at set times. Urinating at the same time each hour and staying dry during that time will help retrain your bladder to wait longer before needing to use the bathroom. If you can stay dry during that hour, then adjust your goal for a slightly longer time.

Muscle Training

Men and women can both tighten their muscles by practicing each time they urinate. Patients need to tighten the muscles to stop urination, release, and tighten them again. Increasing the times you practice this exercise over several weeks will help strengthen the muscles that control the bladder and remove or slow down leakage.

Prescribed medications such as Detrol and Ditropan may help your bladder incontinence problem, and surgery is another choice. Surgeons may move the bladder so it doesn’t bump into other organs, stretch the bladder to make it larger, and surgically tighten the muscles that control the bladder.

The Patch

There are some methods of treatment that were developed for women specifically. One of those new methods is a throwaway patch that can be bought at a drugstore. This patch is only the size of a quarter and is sticky on one side. The sticky side is placed over a woman’s urinary opening and helps hold in urine.

It is not a good solution for a woman who has heavy leakage, but can help control light and sometimes-medium leakage. The woman may also need to wear a panty liner with this patch. The patch can be removed when the woman needs to urinate and replaced with a new one. This patch can be worn for two to three hours at a time while awake, and can be worn throughout the night.

The Plug

A second method that can be used by women for urinary control is a tiny plug that is prescribed by a doctor. A woman can place the tiny plug into the urinary passageway to prevent leakage. You take the plug out when you urinate and replace it when you are finished urinating.

Some women are turning to collagen injections. The same collagen that reduces wrinkles and fine lines in your face may also help thicken the area around the urethra so urine can be controlled better.

Estrogen can be used for women who have reached menopause. It can help with the normal shrinkage of the vagina and urethral lining that naturally occurs with aging. Estrogen must be prescribed by a doctor and can be a cream, patch, or a ringlike device.

Women suffering from bladder incontinence have many methods to control this irritating problem. Talk to your doctor about the many methods of fixing your bladder incontinence problem. Surgery may also be used if other methods of treatment do not help the problem.