What is Impotence

Impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction is a males inability or difficulty of getting or maintaining an erection. Men suffering with Impotence normally do so in silence, there is a stigma attached to having erectile dysfunction, as men feel embarrassed and inadequate due to the effects of the problem. People dont realize that impotence is actually a common sexual problem with nearly fifty percent of males over 40 suffering with erection difficulty at some point.

Main causes of Impotence

The main cause of Impotence is a lack of blood supply to the penis, although there are many different reasons this can be caused.

Some of these reasons are medical related like the following

Diabetes It is not clear why diabetes can cause impotence but it is believed that diabetes can affect the blood flow to the bodys extremities like the penis, a contributing factor is also the nerve damage that can be caused by long term diabetes.

Vascular Disease This is a disease that affects the arteries and veins where a build up of fatty acids block the blood vessels. When the fatty deposits build up to a certain level it starts restricting the blood flow to the bodies extremities including the penis causing difficulties to achieve and maintain an erection.

Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons disease and other nervous system issues Problems with the nervous system can affect signals sent to the brain to blood vessels, including those found in the penis, this can make it difficult to maintain or gain an erection.

Physiological affects Men can be affected by their own thoughts and emotions like stress at work, guilt, depression, anxiety and sexual embarrassment can cause the inability of gaining an erection or maintaining an erection for long periods of time.

Other reasons are caused by external factors

Alcohol Short term this causes an inability to gain and maintain an erection, normally while under the influence of alcohol. Long term drinking can cause interference in the male hormone testosterone.

Smoking Nicotine damages the bodies blood circulation abilities, which can increase the possibilities of erection problems.

Being Inactive The more active you are the fitter your cardiovascular system is, being inactive can cause poor cardiovascular fitness risking the chances of erection dysfunction

Ninety five percent of erectile dysfunction cases can be treated through different forms of therapies and medication. Most cases are helped through talking to professionals who can help improve a persons feelings and emotions towards maintaining an erection.

Top tips to preventing erectile dysfunction

• If you smoke try stopping, or get help to stop if you feel you cannot achieve this on your own.
• Be responsible with your alcohol consumption, drink in moderation
• If you are inactive, do some moderate exercise. Try a brisk walk for 30 minutes at least 5 days a week; this can be easily achieved by walking to the shop for your morning paper instead of using your car.
• Find a way to unwind and reduce your stress levels, this may be a hobby or just finding time to sit back and relax so you can forget all the stress in your life.