PDE5 Inhibitors for Impotence

When it comes to treating impotence problems, there is one family of medications that has proven to be the most effective method for dealing with the problem. This family of drugs is known as PDE-5 inhibitors, and they work by helping the muscles of the penis and the blood vessels of the penis to relax, allowing for an erection to occur with less trouble than normal.

Most of these drugs have shown to be effective in roughly eighty percent of all cases of erectile dysfunction, and for that reason, many men turn to them in order to achieve a cure for their problem with impotence. In this article, well be discussing some of the more commonly used PDE-5 inhibitors for use in dealing with a problem with erectile dysfunction.

First Generation

The type of PDE-5 inhibitor that you are probably the most familiar with is known as Viagra. Made by the Pfizer Corporation, the drug has been used for years to help men to achieve erections. It was one of the first PDE-5 inhibitors on the market, and millions of men have been aided by the pill. Its an oral medication, and it begins to work within a half hour to an hour after ingestion.

The erections experienced by the pill can last for up to four hours after the effects begin, and between sixty and seventy percent of all men with erectile dysfunction that take Viagra have been shown to benefit, even those who have had a long-term history of impotence.


Cialis was one of the next PDE-5 inhibitors to make it to the market. It was approved for use by the United States Food and Drug Administration late in 2003, and it was developed by a joint effort between the pharmaceutical company known as Eli Lilly and the bio-tech firm called ICOS. Similar to Viagra in many ways, it has a few benefits that put it ahead of Viagra, leading many to call it a form of ‘Super-Viagra”.

Where Viagra takes a half hour to an hour before the effects are achieved, Cialis begins to work within ten to twenty minutes after ingestion. Also, the effects of Cialis last longer than Viagra, with erections attainable for a full thirty six hours after taking the pill. Food and alcohol consumption dont affect the efficiency of the pill, and its beginning to erode Viagras market share as the top erection medication.


Last, but not least, in the types of PDE-5 inhibitors available is a drug known as Levitra. Its a type of inhibitor that has shown to be of use for those who are unable to take Viagra. One negative aspect of Levitra is the fact that you need to watch what you eat before taking the pill.

Clinical studies suggest that the pill is most effective when taken at least three hours after a meal, as food can interfere with its efficacy. The drug takes between thirty and sixty minutes to begin working and the effects can last for up to five hours.