Impotence and Smoking

Smoking can cause a wide variety of illnesses and can even cause death but what many people dont realize is that smoking can cause impotence.

Impotence or erectile dysfunction as it is also known is the difficulty in gaining and maintaining an erection.

Medical experts say smoking can increase the risks of erectile dysfunction in the thirty to fifty year old ranges of males, by up to fifty percent. The British Medical Association has estimated that around 120,000 males within this age range, in the UK alone, suffer with impotence as a direct result from smoking.

How does smoking cause impotence?

For your penis to become erect the following process happens.

When you become stimulated chemicals release in your brain sending signals through your body to your penis. Another chemical is released causing your penile muscle to relax so blood can rush into this area causing an erection. When you have an erection the blood is kept within the penis by its complicated mechanism where the blood rushing into the penis from the arteries restricts the blood flowing out of the penis through the veins.

Smoking causes impotence as it affects this process in different stages for a variety of different reasons.

Smoking can be an attributing factor in the build up of fatty deposits in the arteries that can restrict the flow of blood to the penis.

Cigarettes contain nicotine which can cause rapid contractions in penile tissue, it does this by stimulating the brain, affecting the chemical release that occurs when you become excited so the brain cannot properly send signals which cause your penile muscle to relax, this causes a restriction of blood flowing into the penis.

Nicotine also affects the mechanism that keeps the blood within the penis to maintain an erection. This happens because Nicotine travels in the blood stream impairing the bodies ability to trap blood in the penis making it difficult to keep an erection for long enough periods for sexual activity.

As you can see smoking can cause impotence in 3 different ways, it isnt just a simple answer of smoking causes impotence.

As well as the possible cause if impotence smoking also causes a reduced volume of ejaculation, lower sperm counts, abnormal shaped sperm and impaired sperm mobility.

Reduce your chances of impotence

To reduce your possibilities of becoming impotent you should find a way to stop smoking. To quit smoking is not as easy as it sounds, many smokers become addicted because of the chemicals that make the ingredients in a cigarette like nicotine and caffeine. If you are serious about wishing to stop smoking then ask for help, it is not an easy task on your own but having support can help improve your chances of achieving your goal.


Impotence is a silent condition as those who suffer with it do not wish others to know, a huge amount dont even consult a medical professional about the issue. Remember the affects smoking has on your body before lighting up that next cigarette.