Hypnosis and Weight Loss

There are three ways in which you learn unconsciously: through repetition, association and through emotion. Generally the more you repeat a behavior the more you make a easy path to remember and repeat the behavior.

When behavior is linked to a positive or negative event it becomes a trigger for that behavior.

Emotions can be a powerful mind-body resource. Behaviors can be tied to strong emotions, which is why eating habits are so difficult to break. This unhealthy eating is called “emotional eating” and it can be very difficult to break.

Most of us learn eating habits from the day we were born. Our mind learns that when our mother holds us we are comforted. There is a important communication that is understood between mom and babe. There is a warm, fuzzy feeling of acceptance and love. Eating usually happens during these happy times. So we learn to associate eating with being happy.

As you grew from baby into toddlerhood eating becomes a pleasurable experience. Parents praise you for finishing your meal. Eating becomes an important part of many celebrations and you associate good times with food.

It is no wonder we begin to associate food with things other than a way to satisfy ourselves when hungry. We start to use food as a substitute for love, acceptance and belonging.

Negative emotions drive the stress response in us. Our minds are powerful and can control what our bodies do.

Hypnosis can help us to break bad habits including bad eating habits by analyzing why we eat in harming ways. Sometimes we eat to please our parents; sometimes we eat to feel pleasure in an otherwise dull life. Hypnosis can uncover the subconscious key to our eating behavior.

Using mind power to control eating and thus our weight:

    1. Know what you are eating – keep a food journal. Record what you eat and how much you eat.

    2. Eat at regular times starting at first thing in the morning.

    3. Eat five times a day to keep your metabolism in high gear.

    4. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, grains and fish.

    5. Use hypnosis to retrain your brain about healthy food choices.

    6. Visualize your weight loss success. Aim for success and you will achieve it.

Part of hypnosis is achieving subconscious positive patterns of thinking. Substituting positive words for food instead of demeaning words like fat, obese, cow, ugly and help you to change your self-image. Positive words can be nutritious, healthy, comforting,

Motivation is the key to any weight loss plan. Understanding what makes us overeat is half the battle. Your doctor is a good source of tools and resources to help you lose weight.

Show your food journal to your hypnotist and tell him/her what you feel when you eat your food. They can help you to discover what your subconscious mind is thinking and can help you get healthy.

Your hypotherapist can help you to eliminate any negative food emotions or thoughts that may be contributing to your weight problems. You can learn how to let these negative thought go and allow positive ones in.

Concentrate on allowing your mind to control what your body is doing. Consciously chose the emotions that you want, those that are healthy. Re-program your mind to think, imagine and visualize the food that is nutritious and will allow you to meet your weight control goals.