Hypnosis and Body Building

For the people who pursue body building and other strength related sports, finding the next new thing that will give them an edge is crucial. Some become downright fanatical in their obsessions. Body building hypnosis is a tool beyond diet and exercise that can be extraordinarily successful.

Despite the images we see in the media, a person who has been hypnotized retains their consciousness and their control. Hypnosis is simply a relaxed state of awareness, during which a person can learn to activate his or her full mental and physical potentials.

Medical Uses

Hypnosis has been used medically to help people break bad habits, overcome fear and pain, build their confidence, or reduce stress. There are three primary areas where hypnosis can help the body builder as well: relaxation, breaking past barriers, and maintaining focus.

If you know anything about body building, you are aware that muscles are not actually built at the gym they are made afterwards when you are at home and relaxed. Exercise that increases in intensity places stress on the fibers of the muscles. When you are resting, your body adapts to this stress my making them larger and stronger.

Stress Reduction

Regular exercise in itself is great for reducing stress, but few people can relax completely at will. Not being able to rest decreases muscle development along with dampening energy, weakening the immune system, and decreasing the body’s ability to respond to stress. Hypnosis can help you learn deep relaxation skills.

The barriers you experience when working out may be physical, but they may also have a mental aspect. For instance, there have been runners that can run a mile in 4 more minutes, yet for a long time experts thought that this was impossible and dangerous.

However, once Sir Roger Bannister broke that record, several other runners did as well. Nothing had changed physically, but they now had the mental belief that it could be done. Hypnosis can help you to overcome any limitation that you have placed on yourself through faulty beliefs, allowing you to witness greater potential.

Focus on the Goal

People who are successful are also usually self confident and focused on what they want out of life. If you can focus on one distinct goal, your behavior will change, without you knowing it, to make that goal a reality.

Many people do not have this focus and are vague as to what they want to get out of life and their training routine. This vagueness causes their efforts to be scattered and inconsistent with few results. Decide what it is that you want exactly, and then spend a few minutes of every day relaxing and focusing on your desired outcomes. This self hypnosis can lead to surprising results.

Your mind is the greatest muscle in your body. By using hypnosis to work out your mental muscle, it can in turn lead to a better workout program with more results for you. If you can see in the results and believe in yourself, it will not be long before they become a reality.