Humira and Crohns Disease

Humira and Crohns disease is something that is getting a lot of attention from the medical community. While Humira and Crohns disease is a relatively new combination it is something that has a lot of people hoping that they will soon be out of pain. If the drug name Humira sounds familiar that is because it has been approved to treat arthritis and has proven to be very suffices in doing so.

The drug works to reduce the inflammation within the joint that causes the pain that can keep people in bed and from doing the things that they want. Researchers hope that Humira and Crohns disease will be the success story that arthritis and Humira has been.

Humira May Be Just What The Doctor Ordered

Even though official studies have not been released saying that Humira and Crohns disease is a compatible match there is enough evidence that it will work that many doctors have begun prescribing the medication to their patients.

It makes sense that Humira and Crohns disease would work well together because the pain associated the disease is usually caused by inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract from the mouth all the way to the small intestine. The inflammation is very painful and is what brings most patients into the doctor.

New Hope For Those In Pain

Doctors struggle with relieving the inflammation in some patients even when they use heavy duty anti-inflammatory medications, steroids and cortisone, and even medications that block the inflammation response from the immune system. Its thought that Humira will work in patients that do not respond to the normal courses of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications, and immune suppressants.

As with all medications there is no promise that Humira will work for every patient, but it is one more medication that offers patients hope that they do not have to live life in pain.

While Humira isnt a cure it is one more huge step in the right direction. There are many medications on the market that can help to treat the symptoms of the disease and hopefully in the future there will be no more treatment, just a cure. In the mean time patients have the right to enjoy their life, to do away with pain and side effects of the disease, and have Crohns disease be an after thought in life. Crohns disease does not have to control the life of an individual and drugs like Humira give patients the ability to control the disease and go on living life like everyone else!