How to Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

One highly successful method to quit smoking is hypnosis. This may be one of the single most successful methods available to the smoker trying hard to break their smoking habit. The statistics tell us that those who go cold turkey, quitting by themselves with no support have a low success rate. It appears to be no more than five percent.

60-80% Success Rate

Those who use nicotine replacement programs have a ten to seventeen percent success rate depending on which method they use and those who use a behavior altering program have a twenty five percent success rate. Not one of this is very encouraging.

But, hypnosis has a sixty six to eighty percent success rate depending if any other method is used at the same time. Studies have shown that no program has a better rate, no matter what the advertisers tell you.

But, like anything that is tried and is difficult to accomplish this rate of success does not come without a few things the smoker should be aware of. First, it is not going to happen in one session. Anyone who tries to sell you on that is lying and not worth seeing.

Professional Hypnotherapists a Must

You must find an accredited professional hypnotherapist who is also licensed as a psychologist. When looking for a good hypnotherapist make sure you do not just pick the first name you see in the yellow pages. You want to be certain this person you have chosen has a good reputation and knows what they are doing.

The other thing you need to be aware of is that is it unlikely that your medical insurance will cover this. These sessions will be expensive, likely in the neighborhood of two hundred dollars per visit. That means it will cost around eight hundred dollars to break a person of the smoking habit.

If that amount bothers you think about the fact that in an average year, if you are a heavy smoker, you spend much more than that. So, in less than a year the hypnosis treatment will pay off and after that everything you save on cigarettes can be put aside for a special treat for yourself and your family.

Audio Tapes

There is another alternative if you want to try hypnosis but the price is a little steep for your pocket. There are audio programs that can be purchased that are designed specifically to allow for self hypnosis to be done in the comfort of your own home.

The positive thing about them is that they are much cheaper and allow those with a tight budget to try out hypnosis. The average price of one of these programs is between fifty and one hundred dollars. That is certainly mush less expensive than seeing a therapist.

There are many of these self-hypnosis programs available to purchase and you will have to spend a little time reading reviews and looking at their differences before you decide which one is worth buying. Nonetheless hypnosis, by whichever method you prefer, is a viable successful means to quitting smoking.

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photo courtesy Steve Drolet- Creative Commons License