Possibly some of the worst parts of menopause are the vexing symptoms that come with the body changes. While some women object to forgetfulness or speech problems and family members may complain they are moody, many women rate hot flashes as the number one most annoying menopause symptom.

Hot flashes are often one of the first physical symptoms a woman will experience. Often women have no idea what they are undergoing until they hear someone else talking about their hot flashes.

Hot flashes can be irritating and also frightening. They are sometimes confused with panic attacks. Some women even think they are having a heart attack when a terrible hot flash occurs.

Being prepared ahead of time is the best way to get through hot flashes. If you are coming upon menopause or even if you have already begun, be sure to read this information on what to expect. Remember however that some women claim to never have a hot flash throughout their menopause experience.

What is Happening During A Hot Flash?

According to most women, when their hot flash first begins, their face and neck will feel quite flushed. When this happens, the heatĀ spreads fast across their chest and often covers their entire body.

Some women will have a rapid heart beat with this occurrence. Some will feel nauseous from the flushness. Others will get a headache as well. A common complaint is abundant sweating.

When And How Often Do They Happen?

Hot flashes can take place at any time of the day. They characteristically come with very little warning.

They are something that women have no control over for the most part. Some women will only experience them at night, in which case they can be called night sweats. Many women have as little as one hot flash a month, while others complain of having at least two a day. The frequency varies from female to female.

The typical hot flash lasts between three and six minutes. They may seem a lot longer when you are going through them however.

Again, some women go through menopause having not even one hot flash. So, if you are coming upon menopause, don’t worry about hot flashes until they happen. You could be one of the lucky gals who never have a hot flash!

What To Do When It Happens?

The best thing to do during a hot flash is get to a cooler area. If you are in bed, try taking off a layer of bedding. You may want to go to the bathroom and splash cool water on your face. If you can, try holding your inner wrist under cold water from the tap. This is an easy way to cool yourself off quickly.

Walk outdoors if it is cooler there. Just do whatever you can to get yourself comfortable. Staying calm is also important. If you are panicking, try to calm yourself down with deep breathing techniques. They can help you get through these bothersome symptoms.

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