Easy Hot Flashes Remedies

Hot flashes are awful things to have. They characteristically come on quickly, with no warning. You could be sitting in the lunchroom in your office when they strike, or you could be taking a nap under a tree and awake to that uncomfortable feeling.

Most hot flashes begin at the neck and spread to the chest area, and are a hot or even burning sensation. You might experience other symptoms too, like nausea or headache.

These are often more vexing than the heat itself. Many women spiral into an anxiety attack when their hot flashes occur. Hot flashes are often confused with panic.

The body responds correspondingly in both situations, but hot flashes have more to do with hormones. If you are experiencing hot flashes in menopause, try these easy and fast remedies to help get you through them.

Breathe Deep

If you are one that tends to panic during hot flashes, you may want to learn a few deep breathing techniques. Breathing may seem a little ineffective an approach for something so distressing. Then again, just like when going through labor, breathing can really help during hot flashes.

Try to focus on something nearby. Hold your gaze on that object or even close your eyes if that helps more. Next, breathe in deeply to fill your lungs completely with air. Dont hold your breath, but let it out to the count of four. Keep doing this until you feel better. Make sure your breaths are even and natural. If you breathe too quickly, you might hyperventilate.

Tricks with Cold Water

One tried and true trick you can do if you are near a sink involves cold water. The under part of your wrist is an area that has a pressure point. When you are too hot or going through a hot flash in menopause:

1. go right to the nearest sink.

2. Turn the water on as cold as it will go.

3. Hold the under part of your wrist under the cold water for a few minutes.

You will notice you will get cooler much faster using this trick. This is something that works fast to help with hot flashes and nausea in general. Ice is a great way to cool yourself off fast as well. Hold a piece of ice on your wrist or in your mouth. You can even wipe a piece of ice across your forehead if you wish.

Step Outside

If it is cool outside where you live, one of the easiest things to do during a hot flash is get outdoors. The fresh air will help you breathe better and the coolness will help you stay cool. Sometimes it is just the simple act of getting out of your house, the store, or your office when a hot flash occurs that helps you get through it.

If it is warm where you live, don’t step outdoors because the smoldering heat will only make things worse. Its much better to stand above an air conditioning vent or by a fan to help you cool down. Remember that most hot flashes last only between three and six minutes, so hold on, it will be over soon.