The Honest Company: All-Natural Sunscreen Upsets Parents

Alleging that their sunscreen doesn’t work, parents are angry with Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company, and have been posting photos of their children’s sunburns on social media. The company’s website, states the all-natural product to be provide SPF30 and broad spectrum protection. Consumers are telling another story, namely, that it has failed to provide them any protection from the sun’s rays.

The product, NBC Chicago reports, is now listed as “out of stock” on The Honest Company’s web site, but even though it can no longer be found on the shelves of some chain stores, like Target, the brand told the news station it was not pulling it.

According to NBC, The Honest Company recently lowered the amount of zinc, an ingredient that protects skin from the sun, in the sunscreen, from 20 percent to 9.3 percent.

A search on Facebook turned up scornful comments such as:

“Does not work AT ALL”
“Worst sunscreen ever”
“Burnt to a crisp”
“HORRIBLE … doesn’t work”
“I got 2nd degree burns”
“WARNING! Do not use!”
“Save money. Buy baby oil.”
“Causes horrible burns”
“Bright red burns all over!”

And on Amazon, the product only received a top rating of two stars out of 145 reviews. One customer wrote on Amazon:

“I’ve tried dozens of different sunscreens and words can’t come close to describing how terrible this product compares even to the cheapest stuff you find at discount stores. First, the product applies like a layer of grease — imagine putting melted butter on your skin. Next, the grease doesn’t wash off, even with vigorous scrubbing and multiple hand washes. Last, and most importantly, the sun protection from this product is about as good as no sunscreen. I was in the sun for less than an hour and my whole family was burnt.”

Jessica Alba’s eco-friendly company has had great retail success up until now, with a valuaton of $1 billion.