Honda expands airbag recall by 1 million

As part of a federal probe into auto parts manufactured by Takata Corporation, Honda is expanding an earlier recall by nearly 1 million more automobiles. Takata is an international supplier with production facilities on four continents. The recall is for faulty air bags in a wide selection of Honda models, manufactured and sold between 2001 through 2007. The airbags have affected eight automobile manufacturers so far. Most are Japanese, but include a few American brands: Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Chrysler and Toyota are currently listed. The total number of Honda vehicles impacted may eventually hit 3 million.

The faulty airbags are linked to six injuries and two deaths in 2009 from Honda vehicles. In April 2013, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that a defective inflator could explode in a crash, sending shards of its metal casing into the passenger compartment and could seriously injure any vehicle occupants. Exposure to moisture and humidity has reportedly concentrated the propellant for the airbags, making them too powerful when deployed. The NHTSA believes the propellant used for the inflators was not properly stored before being installed.

The recall now includes many U.S. states and territories including California, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The list of vehicles in the recall is extensive and includes the following models: 2003-’05 Honda Accords, Civics, CR-Vs, Elements, Pilots, Acura MDX and 2005 Acura RLs and 2003-’04 Honda Odysseys. All of these vehicles will need a full replacement of passenger compartment airbags.

Another related recall will replace the driver’s front air bag. 2001-’07 Accords with four-cylinder engines; 2001-’02 Accords with V-6 engines; 2001-’05 Civics; 2002-’06 CR-Vs; 2003-’11 Elements; 2002-’04 Odysseys; 2003-’07 Pilots; 2006 Ridgelines; 2003-’06 Acura MDXs and 2002-’03 Acura TLs and CLs are all part of that recall. The cars in this recall are in the same states as the previously mentioned.

Takata has yet to disclose how much the recalls will cost them.