Home Remedies for Snoring

Go ahead, laugh. Thats right, snoring can be a funny topic of conversation until youre the one having to live with it. Being forced to lie next to someone whos nightly noise keeps you awake for more hours than youd care to think about is no laughing matter, especially when you have to get up early, get kids ready for school, get yourself ready, and then spend at least eight hours at the workplace.

And in some cases snoring can even be physically harmful to the poor person forced to listen to it. One woman actually lost part of her hearing after being subjected to years of snoring from her husband that reached levels of 88 decibels when measured!

Loud Snoring May Mean Something Serious

If you or your spouse (or significant other, or any other bedmate) suffers from mild to moderate snoring, home remedies very well may help. Loud snoring, however, may be a symptom of sleep apnea, a potentially life-threatening condition that must be treated by a physician. If you suspect you or your bedmate may have sleep apnea, home remedies will not work, anyway. But for those whose nocturnal trumpeting does not happen due to this condition, things do exist that can be tried to turn down some that “night music.” Read on….

Things You Can Easily Do

Sew a tennis ball or some other semi-soft object into the back of the sleeping clothes worn by the snorer. Since most snorers only snore when lying on their backs, the discomfort of the object in their PJs will cause them to automatically turn over to one side or the other and, hopefully, stop the snoring.

Elevate the top portion of the bed with a couple of bricks on each side. This allows fluids and possible congestion to drain from the sinuses and from the back of the throat. It also helps to use nasal decongestants if you suffer from allergies or have a cold. And since smoking cigarettes can cause a buildup of yucky stuff in the back of your throat and in your nose and sinuses, nows a great time to quit to help rid the snoring problem from your bedtime activities.

Because big fluffy pillows put a kink in your neck, the airflow becomes restricted while youre breathing. So try getting rid of the pillow if your snoring has become a nocturnal nightmare.

Other Options

Losing weight is probably the most successful treatment for curing light to moderate snoring problems. Although more men and women snore, both do it. It only takes being 20 percent overweight for men to start snoring and 30 to 40 percent overweight for women.

Stop drinking alcoholic beverages before bedtime. The muscles that support the tissue in the back of the throat become very relaxed in a snorer. This causes the tissue to sag down and impede the airway, which results in snoring. Alcohol only serves to cause even more relaxation of the throat muscles that, in turn, causes more and louder snores. So stick to something a lot better for the body like plain old water for your bedtime drink.

These home remedies for snoring may or may not work with the snoring problem at your house, but since theyre virtually free, theyre certainly worth trying. If your snoring continues even after trying these, do consider making an appointment with your doctor to rule out the sleep apnea condition mentioned above. Its always better to be safe than sorry and you just may rid yourself of that annoying, sleep-depriving snoring forever!