Home Hair Removal Top Three Methods

People choose to perform their own home hair removal for three major reasons: convenience, privacy, and price. So let’s take a look at a few of the most popular home hair removal methods to get an idea of how they’re used, how expensive they are, and one of the most important factors: How well do they really work?

Shaving with an electric or safety razor, by far, ranks as the most universal home hair removal system. Males and females both use this method because of its inexpensiveness, handiness, painlessness, and immediate results. The down side? Depending upon the individual, most people, especially men, find shaving to be a daily – sometimes twice-daily – home hair removal chore.

Chemical depilatories, another home hair removal method, employ a chemical called “calcium thioglycolate” to get rid of unwanted hair. This chemical, through its high levels of alkalinity, dissolves the protein structure in hair, which causes the hair to detach easily from the skin.

The concentration of calcium thioglycolate differs according to where it’s applied – whether on the face, legs, or bikini areas, for example. It’s important to use the correct formulation for the proper body area to avoid chemical burns or irritation. Most people find using this type of home hair removal to last two to three days, on average.

Home Hair Removal with Electric Epilators

Home hair removal by electric epilators, which encompass both needle and tweezer types, constitute yet one more way in which men and women employ to eliminate unwanted hair. Needle-type epilators do their job by the insertion of a very fine needle to the hair follicle beneath the skin. A low-current jolt of electricity sent through the needle theoretically kills the follicle, and the hair is then removed by tweezers. The other type of electric home hair removal epilator, the tweezer type, emits current down the grasped hair and into the root.

Of these three home hair removal techniques, the electric epilators offer the most permanent solution – and the most expensive. Additionally, this method cannot guarantee truly permanent removal since many factors, including hormonal cycles and other body changes, affect hair growth, as well.

Only the individual can decide which home hair removal system to use. Things like cost, effectiveness, and time need to be included in the consideration. The answer? Try all three methods, if feasible, and then decide which home hair removal system works best for you.

Image by scott feldstein, Creative Commons License