A History of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a popular treatment for over six million Americans. From the beginning, cosmetic surgeons used the latest of technology and medical procedures to improve the looks of a person. Given the history of cosmetic surgery, it has proven successful in changing the looks of many.

From ancient times, cosmetic surgery was a well-known method for remodeling the way that one looked. It was especially popular in India, beginning in the eighth century BC. Nose construction and transformation of the forehead were the most common surgeries performed. Cosmetic surgery was used not only to improve looks, but was also punishment for a crime.


The Romans took cosmetic surgery to a new level by using Roman methods. This began in the first century AD. The procedures in this particular time focused on the nose as well as repairing ears. Cosmetic surgery disappeared until around the 15th century AD in Europe. The main surgical procedure used in this era was removing skin from the back of the arm and repairing a deformity, especially in the nose. Cosmetic surgery was not commonplace in any of these cultures as the procedure was risky.

The idea of cosmetic surgery began to be standard procedure again in the early twentieth century. There were soldiers during this time who were coming back with distorted faces and bodies from the affects of the war. Cosmetic surgery also was used to help in repairing birth deformities that affected children in the earlier part of their life. When doctors began to experiment with the medical procedures of cosmetic surgery, they also began to grow a new standard for beauty.

Post War

Soon after the war, cosmetic surgery was a procedure the rich and famous had. However, when new procedures discovered, they were used that could benefit the average American and the cost came down, many had cosmetic surgery to repair deformities and reduce pain. With this shift in viewpoint, a growing number of people are now seeing cosmetic surgery.

Today, cosmetic surgery is considered a normal part of health and fitness routines for many people. Cosmetic surgery is associated with having the perfect figure and the perfect face. It helps with self-esteem issues and how you feel about your body. Exercising and eating a healthy diet will help with many problems without using cosmetic surgery.

Future Prospects

With todays emphasis on nutrition fitness and health, cosmetic surgeons will continue to do a great business. As cosmetic surgery becomes increasingly common, new standards and procedures will allow some remarkable changes to take place for someone with a deformity.

Cosmetic surgery now allows anyone with a deformity or a longing for a better body to have it. An area of the body that is causing problem with normal body functions, or excess skin after a gastro by-pass surgery can be removed with excellent results. The surgery done in the past was done for various reasons. These methods of improving looks added to the cultures and survival of the people who lived during that era.

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