Hispanic Vegetarian Cooking

Are you a vegetarian cook? Do you enjoy vegetarian cuisine all of the time? Do you appreciate a vegetarian meal every once in awhile? Worried about cholesterol? If you said yes to any of the previous questions, you should read on. Here are a few meal ideas to spice up your routine. You probably know that vegetarian meals are usually inspired by flavor and fresh ingredients.

Depending on the season, there are some ingredients that will be easier or more difficult to get. Depending on where you live and what time of year it is, the following meal ideas may just hit the spot. I am not including actual recipes here as personal preferences will lead the way with the preparation process and ingredient ratios.

Green Hummus

Hummus is a delicious and rich protein option for a quick vegetarian lunch. It is both flavorful and highly nutritious. To start, get some canned or dried garbanzo beans or chick peas. Soak your dried beans overnight and cook them for a couple of hours on the stove. Whichever beans you are using, the next step is to puree them.

Add salt, garlic and oil if you wish and any other spices you prefer. To make it green, youll add some avocado. If you would like to reduce the fat content, eliminate the oil counting on the fat in the avocado for the extra flavor. Avocados are smooth and very light in flavor. You can dice them to add texture to your puree.

You may also puree them separately and marble the avocado into the bean mixture. By not mixing thoroughly you will ensure the flavor variance. Serve this fresh and summery lunch time treat with pita bread or tortilla chips. Garnish the plates with a lime wedge and a spoonful of salsa. Make sure to serve some fresh fruit on the side.

Risotto from South of the Border

Risotto is a dense carbohydrate with very versatile potential. Corn risotto is a beautiful and very tasty treat for a cool autumn lunch. Make the risotto according to the package directions, using vegetable stock as your liquid and onion as the initial sauté flavoring.

When the risotto is nearly finished cooking, add fresh or frozen corn kernels. Finish it off with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese. Risotto is not a lunch by itself, so to make it a meal fill in the middle with a pile of hot, salted black beans.

On top of the beans, arrange a few tail-on, peeled shrimp. Garnish this plate with parsley and you have a gorgeous, colorful and well balanced meal ready for you and some friends. The flavors blend nicely for a creamy and filling hot lunch.

The above recipes are not necessarily examples of authentic Hispanic cooking, but the ingredients are inspired. The influence is there. With a little imagination, you could take these recipes even further. Add more spice or change up the ingredients. The meals are flexible to change. Enjoy these ideas for your next meal with friends.