Himalayan Goji Juice

Is goji juice for real or a scam perpetrated on a gullible public? The answer is- “nobody really knows yet.” What we do know is that high in the Himalayans, the tallest mountains on Earth, a small berry from an obscure bush has been used by Asian healers since Buddhist monks first happened upon it in about 800 A.D. Although the Western world tends to sneer at ancient Chinese medicine, Himalayan goji juice has now hit the mainstream of herbal healing in a big way.

American and European scientists have been rigorously studying the goji berry’s content and function for the past two years; their findings hitherto point to the possibility that Himalayan goji juice just may be the “real thing.” Wide-ranging studies show a clear likelihood that the goji berry not only treats many medical conditions effectively, it also acts as a preventative by amplifying the body’s immune system levels.

Himalayan goji juice is claimed to treat or prevent cancer, anxiety, tuberculosis, headaches, hypertension, chronic fatigue, allergies, liver disease, depression, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, infertility, and many more conditions. It is also valued by those in it’s native countries for preventing the signs of aging and increasing healthy longevity.

Since hitting the big time, goji products became mass-produced to keep up with customer demand. Butr, many die-hards refuse to accept anything less than authentic Himalayan-grown goji juice that’s been traditionally grown and harvested in the berry’s homeland.

Legitimate Healing Claims or Not

Himalayan goji juice has been widely researched in controlled scientific studies. Whether it’s a real “cure all” or not remains to be seen. Nonetheless, clinical studies indicate that Himalayan goji juice has several well-known chemical properties that are known to be beneficial. It contains, among other thing:

  • 19 essential amino acids, eight of which are necessary to maintain life
  • 21 trace minerals including germanium, a powerful anti-cancer mineral that is rarely found in food
  • a full spectrum of antioxidants that the body needs to grow, remain healthy, and prevent disease.
  • vitamins C, E and B-complex
  • beta sitosterol, an anti-inflammatory agent that eases symptoms of lupus, fibromyalgia, and HIV
  • essential fatty acids
  • cyperone, a compound that regulates blood pressure, prevents heart disease and eases menstrual and menopause discomfort
  • betaine which calms anxiety, enhances memory, and promotes healthy muscle growth.

Consequently, Himalayan goji juice has all the ingredients needed in a medicinal substance. A large percentage of prescription drugs are plant-derived; think of belladonna, nightshade, and penicillin. When a new “herbal” makes its debut, people lose sight of the fact that all medicine started with plants, roots and herbs ages ago. Every prescription drug’s pedigree stems from naturally occurring substances; medicine was fashioned by nature, not by scientists in a laboratory. We in the so-called modern civilizations have a propensity to reject any healing that doesn’t come from a pill, injection or a capsule.

The future for Himalayan goji juice remains uncertain. Near-term it will continue to be studied in clinical trials under strict controls but it will take years to make certain that its healing claims are substantiated. Is it a scam, fad, or the beginning of a healthcare breakthrough?