Muscle Building for Mesomorphs

mesomorph muscleMesomorphs are those individuals which naturally have a cut and well developed body with a lot of muscle.

As one of the three main body types (there are also endomorphs and ectomorphs), mesomorphs have the easiest time building muscle. But you can still maximize your muscle mass and strength by following a few proven mesomorph body building rules.

Your genetic advantage to build and keep muscle and burn fat is the envy of both endomorphs and ectomorphs. As a matter of fact, many professional bodybuilders fall into this body type classification.

Getting Enough Calories

Because your body is predisposed to keep a lot of calorie-burning muscle, you have to be careful to get enough calories each day to maintain your current body weight. Then you can begin packing on the muscle using a very focused muscle building guide for your particular body type.

Multiply your body weight by the number 15. This will give you the number of daily calories you need to ingest to merely stay your current weight. Breaking that down, you are aiming for 20% fat, 30% to 40% protein and 40% to 50% good carbohydrates in your diet.

Nutrition is a very important part of building muscle, and if you want to drop body weight while building muscle, take in fewer calories. If you want to add weight and bulk to your muscle, add calories, even on those days when you are not working out.

Strength Training

As far as your workout, focus on strength training combined with high intensity interval training. This is a secret recipe used by professional athletes (who are often mesomorphs) to pack on the muscle.

This also burns fat and improves your cardiovascular endurance, but make sure you do not ignore the high intensity interval training. Many mesomorphs tend to lean towards strength training, since their body builds muscle and shows results quickly.

But without interval training and cardio, you will tend to start collecting fat as well. Just about any type of heavy weight training will show results on the mesomorph immediately. For interval training and cardio, try 20 to 30 minute sessions alternating between 2 minutes of slow paced cardio and 1 minute fast.

This type of high intensity interval training (HIIT) burns fat long after you have left the gym. Popular home training DVD-based programs like Insanity, P90X and others have excellent high intensity interval training sessions included. They can help the mesomorph burn fat, while weight training packs on the muscle.

Image by fsecart , Creative Commons 2.0 License