When therapeutic management related precautions are not adequately undertaken in the management of high blood pressure, the patient becomes vulnerable to many kinds of clinical problems. The pathogenic effects of this increased blood pressure in any person depend on the type of organ affected in their body.

The dangers of high blood pressure get more complicated by the presence of concurrent diseases and hence, the different diagnosis becomes very difficult for the doctor who is treating these hypertensive patients.

One of the dangers of high blood pressure in a person is the blood vessels supplying the eyes may severely affected. There is then a danger of them losing their vision.

The cardiac region can also become affected; therefore high blood pressure can also cause severe cardiac problems. The affected person may have disruptions in the cardiac blood flow by means of capillary leakage or rupture and this depends on the extent of invoilvement of cardiac blood vessels.

Mostly, the arteries and arterioles have to face the impact of high blood pressure and in addition, the myocardium has to pump blood with vigorous effect, so as to attempt for compensation of blood leakage and in the process, there is then a danger of the patient developing a blood clot.

If a patient is unaware they are suffering form high blood pressure, then their condition obviously goes untreated until such a time as when they may have a sudden medical emergency such as heart attack or stroke, this could then lead to a potentially fatal situation.

The pathogenic effects of hypertension also affect the cerebral tissues. If the patient is not prescribed the correct medication, they may reveal signs of damage to the nervous system such as convulsions, ataxia or impaired coherence in talking. Even, brain death may happen in vulnerable patients with severe hypertension and this has been documented in several occasions.

Ulcers may develop in the gastro-intestinal regions, thus adding further medical problems to patients already suffering from other medical ailments due to prolonged hypertension. Depression is often noted as one of the dangers of high blood pressure, probably due to increased clinical effects arising from secondary effects of increased blood pressure on various organs of the body.

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