What is Hidroliposuction?

Changing your body form is often a consideration for those who want to keep a specific figure. By considering the different choices for cosmetic surgery, you can change the parts of your body that will give you the figure you want.

One of the commonly used methods for changing your bodies figure is known as a hidroliposuction. By understanding this cosmetic surgery, you can decide if it will be effective for the changes you want to make to your body.

As our bodies grow in our youth, we develop certain fatty pads that remain in the body. After a certain age, our body calculates that this is how much fat we will need in cells and will keep the same density for the rest of our lives. This can result in an inability to lose weight later in life, even with the right diet and exercise. If this is a problem, then you can use hidroliposuction as a method for getting rid of the excess fat.

Cosmetic Surgery Injection

This particular method of cosmetic surgery is similar to liposuction. It is able to change the fatty pads and cells in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, chin, knees, and other areas that have excess fat. However, it uses a different method of removing the fatty pads and cells to make sure that it is an effective method for cosmetic surgery.

Hidroliposuction is a simple injection that goes into the body. This injection includes a pH saline that has various agents to help remove the fat. These are known as capillary contraction agents that work with the various areas to move the bodys quantities. While you are going through the cosmetic procedure, these agents will increase the size of the area where fatty pads are being removed.

After this, the surgeon can make an incision into the area where the fatty pads are being removed and vacuum out the fatty pads with liposuction techniques. By having the extra pH saline in place, more of the cells can be removed and not as much blood is taken out of the body.

Post Procedure

After the procedure, you will need to remain in the hospital for a specified amount of time to make sure there are no reactions to the process. You will then be given a brace to wear for a weak, to help with the support of the area that you had the fatty pads removed from.

Hidroliposuction is an effective method that is used to remove excess fat and give you the shape that you want. This procedure is simply an advanced method of a liposuction, allowing the surgeon to remove more fat from your body and give you more shape as a result. If you are considering cosmetic surgery to change the shape of your body or to remove extra fat, then this procedure is known to be effective in use.

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