Hereditary Heart Diseases

Its disheartening to say but heart disease can be hereditary. If a member of your immediate family, that is you mother, father, brother or sister has suffered with heart disease at some point in their life, especially if the heart condition was suffered when your family member was young in age.

Unfortunately genetics can be cruel sometimes and the hereditary heart disease can be the product of poor genetics, or it may only be a slight issue that is in the familys genes. It has even been known that genetics may only play a part in one side of the family, an example being that it may only be the females in the family that have the unfortunate risks and the males are okay.


Some times the reason heart disease travel through families is not because of heart disease being hereditary, but because of a condition that can bring on heart disease being the hereditary factor. These hereditary conditions are usually conditions like high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

There are other ways that heart disease can be hereditary, this can be because of the way your family leads its life. If you think about your family, maybe you eat a lot of fatty, salty foods or maybe a large proportion of you are smokers.

If it has been proved that heart disease is hereditary then it may be worth visiting your local doctor to talk through the issues that face your family, this way you can get a full insight into what is affecting you and your loved ones and find a way to alleviate the possibilities.

Risk Reduction

Possible ways your doctor may say that can reduce the risks of getting heart disease, even though it has been passed down through the family is eating a healthy diet, dont smoke, carry out exercise about 4 times a week for a minimum 30 minutes each time.

It is also very important to talk to your family members and explain to them the dangers they could face, this isnt a matter of using scare tactics, but telling them what you have found out and how you can help them too.

You may face some opposition from some family members who do not see the dangers that you see; this is normal and may take time to overcome.

Whatever happens it is important not forget that you have to live your life to the best of your ability, there is no point worry about something that is out of control if you are living a healthy lifestyle.

It has been known for people who have hereditary heart disease running through the family to become depressed and reclusive as they constantly think about what may be, and tend to always have these issues on their mind. It is important to live life to the full, within reason, and try to forget any worries you have. As long as you are trying to live as healthy as possible you will not have any worries and will have a long enjoyable life.

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