What is Herbal Detox

Experts say that we should detox our body at least once in six months. This process is however takes almost six months in itself. Some people find this process a very time consuming thing, and they seek alternatives that work faster. It is for such people that alternative such as the herbal detox medications were invented.

In reality, these herbal detox medications do the same thing as your own detox process; only that it is faster. Herbal detox usually comes in the form of pills and liquids, and the contents of these medicines or detox agents are not more than anything herbal. This would include herbs like milk thistle, chlorophyll, red clover, and licorice roots.

Just like conventional detox, herbal detox also cleanses important organs in the body such as the kidneys, liver, colon, and others. In the colon, this herbal detox will do the same thing as what colon cleansing or detox at centers do. It basically helps to cleanse the colon, flush away the toxins, parasites and bacteria, and improves digestion, besides strengthening the large intestine muscles.

How does it Work?

Herbal detox involves the consumption of agents in the form of liquids and pills. Other than the traditional way, there are also herbal detox agents these days sold in the form of powder and extract; they can be basically added into other healthy drinks such as tea and fruit juices.

Powder herbal detox agents usually are taken with meals or digestive enzymes. Some detox agents are bitter to taste, so most people mix them with meals or other foods and consume them. Another form of famous herbal detox agent in the form of powder is herbal tea. This detox agent is pretty harmless, and can usually be taken all day long.

Extracts, on the other hand can be found in liquid form sold in bottles. These days, alcohol is used to make the extracts, and so by nature this detox agent has become something not so good to consume, especially if you are addicted to alcohol or you are simply alcohol intolerant.

Herbal detox pills are very common these days, but they can not be obtained over the counter. You basically need a prescription from a doctor for the pills are limited and controlled. The contents of such pills would usually include herbs such as fennel, basil, celery, and parsley.