Hemorrhoid Pain Relief

Hemorrhoids have a reputation for being an exasperating and painful condition. Unfortunately, the rumors are true this malady has been the cause of ample physical pain and anxiety for millions of patients. The good news is that easing the pain from hemorrhoids is easier than ever. Good treatment choices are available for hemorrhoids sufferers, many of them with no or negligible side effects.

Hydrotherapy: Definitive Relief

Hydrotherapy is fast becoming known as one of the most comforting forms of hemorrhoids pain relief. Hydrotherapy is usually associated with sitz baths. The word Sitz comes from the German “to sit.” Undeniably, a sitz bath calls for the patient to sit, typically in warm water. Also known as a “hip bath,” a sitz bath is used to treat pains in the pelvic and rectal area.

During the sitz bath, the rectal area is typically submerged in warm water for about 10 to 15 minutes. For those experiencing recurrent discomfort related to hemorrhoids, it is recommended that sitz baths be taken two or three times a day. You can purchase sitz bath kits at many drugstores or online.

The soothing effects of hydrotherapy are easier than ever to get with new portable bowls that are now available. Many of these bowls can be hooked up to any sink or water spout. Sitz baths can be particularly useful for treating the itching and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids.

Modify Habits

To lessen the pain of hemorrhoids, it is vital that you adjust your work and home habits. If you have to stand for your work, be sure you take several breaks throughout the day. At home, you should also avoid excessive standing. Also, if you are required to do heavy lifting at work, you may need to change your job duties or take a break from work while you heal. Excessive heavy lifting can add a lot of stress to your body, causing considerable discomfort.

Take breaks during your day, giving yourself time to lie down to reduce the pressure on your anal area. Also, you should avoid spending too much time on the toilet. Even if you do not feel the consequences right away, the straining will eventually cause you discomfort, and maybe even severe pain.

Cold Compresses and Topicals

In order to manage the itching, swelling, and pain associated with hemorrhoids, you should be ready to apply topical agents to the affect areas. These can include over the counter hemorrhoid creams designed to provide temporary pain relief. You can also try products containing witch hazel. Tucks, the popular commercial brand pads, contain witch hazel and are easy to use. Other topical agents you can use to provide comfort from redness, swelling and itching include aloe Vera gel and petroleum jelly.

Also, have cold compresses or ice packs ready to treat hemorrhoid-related discomforts. Their soothing effect will provide temporary relief from the pain and inflammation of hemorrhoids.

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