Constipation and Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids have a few different ways they can be caused. When you have extra pressure that is on the blood vessels in your rectum, it will cause Hemorrhoids to occur. Hemorrhoids are a swelling of these blood vessels. One of the types of pressures that often cause Hemorrhoids is related to constipation.

Usually, hemorrhoids are a result of constipation problems. Because of this, the focus for making hemorrhoids disappear will need to be getting rid of the constipation problems you are having. If you have constipation, you can do several things to begin getting your digestive tract back in line. You will not only begin to feel better, but the pain from the hemorrhoids will begin to disappear.

Help for Constipation

One suggestion to get rid of constipation is to do plenty of exercise. This causes movement through your entire body and begins to balance out the digestive tract. Activities such as squatting exercises and stretches are known to be effective with the digestive tract and making sure that everything is able to move through the system at an easier pace. Several exercises are used to help the movements in your body. These will also help your digestive system and may be worth looking into.


The next thing to concentrate on with constipation that causes hemorrhoids is what you are eating. Eating more fruits and vegetables will help your digestive system to be able to move easier. Drinking more water and fluids is also known to help clear out your colon. If you dont like water, drinking prune juice can also help. More fiber in your diet is also an alternative to help clear out problems with constipation. Foods such as wheat and spaghetti are known to help clear your digestive system.

Too much Strain

Constipation may also not cause hemorrhoids if you strain. This will take the pressure off the blood vessels that are in that area and will relieve some of the pain that is associated with both constipation and Hemorrhoids. If there is irritation in the area, you can also apply baking soda to the area that is bothering you. These can all help with causing the pain to slow down when you have hemorrhoids from constipation.

The uncomfortable pain and irritation from hemorrhoids, as well as constipation, can cause you to not function normally in every day life. By exercising, eating healthy and taking care of the problem while it occurs, you will be able to prevent your hemorrhoids from flaring up and causing problems. You can also allow the problems with constipation to be less of a problem.