Hemorrhoid Complications

The medical condition of hemorrhoids is a common problem. Usually, hemorrhoids are not considered a serious problem; they will go away after a certain amount of time. However, if you have hemorrhoids, it is helpful to know the complications that may occur in order to make sure that they are treated or that they disappear after a week or two.

Many women have this problem after giving birth. Usually, the blood vessels will react to the body, then after a couple of weeks they will disappear. Most have established that they can treat hemorrhoids through some simple home remedies or specialized methods that are prescribed by a physician. For more serious hemorrhoids, surgery methods are also available.


Usually, the most complicated factor that will arise from hemorrhoids is the bleeding. This will happen with both external and internal hemorrhoids, but usually do not cause a serious problem. There also may be itching or irritation.

This is a common symptom, especially if they are located externally. However, this is also known to not cause any more complications and will usually disappear in a couple of weeks. The bleeding and irritation that is associated with the hemorrhoids will be more or less severe as a reaction to the blood vessels that have had the pressure on them.

Blood Clots

The number one complication that hemorrhoids may cause is a blood clot. This will sometimes be referred to as thrombosis. You will usually be able to tell if your hemorrhoid has caused a blood clot by the pain in the rectum or anus area being more severe than usual. If you think that this may be a problem, you should check with your health provider as soon as possible.

One thing that you can keep in mind is that hemorrhoids will not cause further serious problems. Several have attributed hemorrhoids to cancer; however, this is not a known link. While some cancers can cause rectal bleeding, they are not associated with each other. There also may be another type of digestive disorder that could be directly linked to the rectal bleeding. If you are not sure whether you have hemorrhoids or another type of disorder, it is best to get it checked by a physician.

While there is bleeding and irritation, the problem will usually not persist for a longer period of time or lead to anything worse. The only complication that has been seen is blood clots that may occur from the hemorrhoids. Treating your hemorrhoids as soon as they are a problem, as well as getting a proper diagnosis, will help you to eliminate further problems.