Phillips HeartStart MRx Defibrillator

For Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and hospital healthcare workers, Philips claims its HeartStart MRx defibrillator proves to be best in its class with regard to all its advantages. Touted as an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) device that operates the longest on battery power, Philips also advertises that its machine gives the biggest color display, and provides the quickest shock time over any other similar machine on the market.

Philips claims the HeartStart MRx links itself with industry-pioneering heart-monitoring technologies by the use of the best measuring of diagnostic information and by its state of the art resuscitation waveform known as “SMART”. Another big selling point with the MRx is that everything comes in a carefully thought-out, one-unit, very lightweight machine. Read on to find out more about this lifesaving device where to buy it, how to learn how much it costs, and where you can go online to find out what others are saying about it.

AED Professionals

At AED Professionals, found online at, the Philips HeartStart MRx can be found and purchased. The site requests interested parties to call its toll-free number (1-888-541-2337) for pricing and more information. In addition to the MRx, this site additionally carries a full line of Philips defibrillators for professional use.

AED Professionals advertises the device as having the capabilities needed and the necessary performance level critical for swift intervention and care that is thoroughly provided, resulting in positive outcomes for people stricken by sudden cardiac arrest. This company also guarantees the lowest pricing for this device and also promises to provide more detailed product information with a phone call, as well as to be able to recommend appropriate product accessories.


Another online company that sells professional AEDs, AllMed ( also carries the MRx defibrillator. Again, the price is not shown and purchasers must call for pricing (1-888-633-6908) or e-mail them ( with inquiries.

AllMed provides a huge list of monitoring capabilities, therapies, and features related to the MRx, plus a comment on the devices measurement and feedback tool. A detailed specification sheet can also be downloaded from the site as a PDF. In addition to the machine, this site is another that also handles accessories for this particular AED.

Other online sources for the Philips MRx include www.SomaTechnology, (Southern Emergency Equipment), and An unusual benefit, the last company, AED World, even lists its purchase price for the device: $9250.

Used MRx AEDs

Although pricing for most new Philips HeartStart MRx defibrillators found online is acquired either by customers having to make a phone call or by requesting information on costs via e-mail, equipment that is offered as used can more often be found with online pricing included on the site. One company, Whittemore Enterprises (, is one Internet seller of the device that offers previously owned MRx machines at $6500.


Companies selling the HeartStart MRx do not commonly feature reviews of the device. You can, however, go to the following forum/message sites to view how this machine stacks up against other professional AEDs: