Headaches during Pregnancy

If you are suffering from constant headaches while you are pregnant this can be an issue that requires further investigation. You need to determine a few facts before you can decide what actions are best taken. Are you having headaches because you are commonly a headache sufferer or are the headaches you are suffering a sign of something more worrisome?

What to Look For

Sit back and look at what the signs of your headaches are. Do you start your day waking up with a headache? Are the headaches bad enough that they disturb your sleep? Do they seem worse then the headaches youve had before?

Are they different; is the pain worse? During these headaches are you finding bouts of blurred vision or numbness?

If yes is the answer to any of these you should see your health care provider. Any of them may be signs of problems in your pregnancy.

Causes of Pregnancy Headaches

The first thing your health care provider should try to do is determine the cause of these headaches. If your blood sugar is low, which can happen when youre pregnant because of changes in eating habits, this could be one cause. Another reason could be difficulty sleeping. Some women have trouble sleeping as their pregnancies advance and finding a comfortable position to lie down is not as easy.

Hopefully once you became pregnant you stopped smoking and no longer have more than the very occasional alcoholic drink. If not, either of these could be whats causing your headaches.

If you have cut down on your coffee intake, and so your caffeine intake, its possible that caffeine withdrawal is the source of your headache pain. All of these are fairly simple causes that can be easily corrected. The more worrisome issue is if its a sign of high blood pressure. Headaches could mean its worsening.

Migraine Cautions

Migraines are the biggest headache problem since the medications to relieve migraine pain are all narcotic based. These are unsafe to take during pregnancy. All that can be done if this is what you are suffering from is to lie down in a quiet dark room undisturbed and try to sleep it out.

Other headaches during pregnancy can often be helped. First a woman should try natural unintrusive methods of headache control.

You can use lavender, an essential oil of aromatherapy, placing a drop at each temple. This will relieve many peoples headaches in less than half an hour. Lying down with a cold cloth or you head may help, especially if its in a dark quiet room.

Some women have luck with using yoga techniques to relax and meditate; thereby clearing the headache out. If none of these things work, and you are no longer than thirty-two weeks along it is still safe to use ibuprofen.

After that point there are concerns about the possibility of causing kidney damage to your unborn infant. Caffeine drinks sometimes can rid you of a headache. There are several over the counter pain relievers that have caffeine in them for just that reason.

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