What Happens When You Quit Smoking

There are many health benefits that you will notice soon after that last cigarette has left your lips. There are many social benefits too as well. Lastly there are financial benefits that will put extra cash in your pockets.

There is a high cost to smoking that most smokers don’t stop to think about. When you quit smoking you will think that you have come upon a windfall so unexpected will be the financial benefits of your decision to quit smoking.

High Finance

The average cost of a pack of cigarettes is $4.49 including taxes, this computes to $1,635 each year of your habit. Think of all you can do with that amount of money!

The cost of smoking is far more than the actual amount you pay for your smokes. The cost includes the higher rates you will pay for insurance, cleaning bills, extra teeth cleaning costs, it can even include the cost incurred if you lose your job.

Gotta Get a Job

Companies have made announcements that they will no longer employee smokers. 1% of employers will not even hire smokers. The main reason – health insurance rates and in lost productivity due to more sick days from employees who smoke and also from loss years due to premature death of the smoking employee.

Companies such as Weyco, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, Alaska Airlines, Tacoma-Pierce County (Wash.) Health Department, and Union Pacific have all instituted some kind of smoker-hire policy according to a MSN Money article.

Stay on the Scene

The social benefits start with the fact that you wont smell anymore and your breath wont stink. These two facts alone will translate into an increased popularity. When you go out to eat, you can have a wide range of choices because now you can choose restaurants and not worry about being banned because of smoking.

Although you cannot undo the damage to your health that has occurred since that very first puff, you can prevent further health damage by quitting. Your body will start to heal almost immediately. The healing will be felt when your blood pressure returns to a more normal range, and your circulation improves. You will reduce your risk for heart attack and stroke and also lung cancer.

Pearly Whites

Now that you are not smoking, your teeth will stay white longer and your breath will be fresher. Your vehicle wont smell like a smoke stack and people wont look in disgust as you walk by anymore because you wont be leaving a cloud of disgusting smoke around you.

There you have it; your benefits include better health, your world will smell better and the food will taste better too. You will have more money to spend on whatever you wish because you wont be spending it on cigarettes.

People will enjoy being around you because they wont have to put up with your foul-smelling cigarette smoke and your teeth wont get stained up anymore with tobacco. You probably wont miss those cigarette burns either, will you?