Permanent Hair Removal for Men

Shaving has always been something men do to remove their facial hair, as well as for other hairs on the body. But not everyone is comfortable with shaving everyday, and thus they seek for alternative solutions, such as permanent hair removal. Permanent hair removal for men is indeed has become a very famous service, and is available nationwide.

There are basically two types of hair removal as we know, and the permanent hair removal is known as epilation. Epilation, or removal of the complete hair down to the root, is a popular option these days, because this way saves lots of time and energy from shaving.

Common Methods of Removal

Some famous permanent hair removal for men would include the common methods such as waxing, sugaring, epilation devices, lasers, threading, intense pulsed light or electrology. Another simple method done at home would be by plucking with tweezers.

Whatever the reason for the permanent hair removal would be; religions, cultural, punishment, medical and others, these methods serve the best options these days, both for older men as well as for younger adolescents, who have too much hair on their body or face for their specific age.

However, permanent hair removal for men as well as for women at many places has been linked with many imperfect options, rather than the real effective ones, due to financial reasons. It is indeed true that permanently destroying the specific hairs around the areas while sparing the surrounding tissues is a difficult challenge.


One of the most famous methods of permanent hair removal for men would be by electrolysis. This method, compared to other methods such as laser, flashlamp and epilight, removes the hair completely, and not just reduce it.

Normally, hair follicles go through cycles of growth, decay, and rest. Only hair in active growth phase can be treated through this way. During this treatment of electrolysis, as well as laser session, a number of follicles are destroyed permanently. And this only applies to those which are visible.

Those which are not visible at the time of the session are not destroyed, and eventually they will start growing at the end of their rest phases. For this reason, you need to go for this treatment several times, and only after the subsequent treatments, all the remaining hairs would be removed permanently. Another method of permanent hair removal for men, the laser treatment on the other hand, must be performed really accurately to achieve the same results of permanency.