Grapefruit Seed Extract Stretchmark Cure?

When it comes to the removal or diminishing visibility of stretch marks, the sheer number of substances that are hailed as being surefire methods to decreasing unsightly skin blemishes seems to be never ending. A new contender in the fight against skin blemishes in general, and stretch marks in particular, is grapefruit seed extract.

Lauded for a wide variety of seemingly magical abilities, this extract is purported to enable the dermis to regenerative itself, thus in effect removing stretch marks altogether.

Same Thing as Citrus Seed Extract

Grapefruit seed extract is the kind of substance that is left over when the juice of a ripe grapefruit has been squeezed out and the remainder of the fruit is mixed together. The seeds, bitter white membranes, pulp, and highly aromatic rind all are part and parcel of this extract, thus the name seed extract might be a bit of a misnomer.

When looking for this ingredient in cosmetics, you may find that in some cases it is billed as citrus seed extract rather than grapefruit seed extract, yet the fact that this notation points to a derivative of the grapefruit remains unchanged.

The Research

There are no governmental studies connecting grapefruit seed extract and the removal of stretch marks or any other skin blemishes for that matter. Herbalists and those who look to nature and flora in particular for their health and beauty needs, swear by the power of the humble grapefruit for a host of different conditions, such as diarrhea and yeast infections (when taken orally) and anti fungal properties (when applied topically).

There are not studies, however, to bear out these claims. In addition to the foregoing, there are actually some dangers associated with the use of grapefruit. For example, if you use Lipitor and a host of other medications, the ingestion of grapefruit seed extract will interfere with the efficacy of the medication itself, thus worsening any health conditions you may currently have.

The Claims

Manufacturers of products containing grapefruit seed extract are quick to point out that this substance almost acts like an antibiotic and therefore will treat the surface of the skin as well as any underlying infections that might harm the integrity of the skins appearance.

Claiming also that the substance has the ability to extract the portions of the skins collagen that have become damaged and then in turn encourage the skin to rebuild the injured portion, the through behind the advertisement implies that you will notice the stretch marks fading away and then filling in, so that in effect they will become invisible.

Add to this the claims that even if there is no damaged collagen the extract will increase the production of this substance and thus lend suppleness to the skin, and you can see why some sellers of the extract will almost advertise it as a cure-all.

Sadly, there are no studies conducted by any entity that lend any veracity whatsoever to these claims, and at this point in time the effect, if any, of grapefruit seed extract on stretch marks is non-existent.

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