Goldman Sachs seeks deletion of confidential email sent to Gmail account by mistake

Google recently blocked access of a sensitive email from Goldman Sachs that was sent to a Gmail user by mistake, and now Goldman Sachs is requesting that the email be deleted.

According to a spokesperson for the company, a court order to block access to the email was sought, and Google complied and blocked it. The financial services company is now seeking deletion of the email. Google has appeared willing to comply to the requests as long as a court order is involved. Google’s “incident response team” says that the email being deleted will require another court order on top of the one that requested the email be blocked.

According to Goldman Sachs, the email was mistakenly sent by an outside consultant to a Gmail account belonging to an unknown individual. The email was sent to an “” account rather than an “” account, which is where the email was supposed to go.

The email itself includes valuable and confidential client information. “Emergency relief is necessary to avoid the risk of inflicting a needless and massive privacy violation upon Goldman Sachs’s clients, and to avoid the risk of unnecessary reputational damage to Goldman Sachs,” said the financial company in the filing which requested that the email be blocked. “By contrast, Google faces little more than the minor inconvenience of intercepting a single email – an email that was indisputably sent in error.”

The email was originally sent on June 23, and Goldman Sachs has not confirmed the number of clients that have been affected by the mistake. There has so far been no response from the recipient of the email, and Google has also refrained from making a comment.