Glyconutrient Supplements and Muscle Pain

Although scientifically unproven, many natural-health proponents link glyconutrient supplements and muscle pain relief. Glyconutrients are made up of eight particular sugars or saccharides reputed to help create significant compounds in the body called glycoproteins. Glycoproteins enable cells to “talk” to one another, an essential for optimum health.

In addition to helping with muscle pain, glyconutrients allegedly aid successfully in tissue repair, improving the immune system, strengthening bones, arthritis relief, and as a general, overall tonic for good health.

As a treatment for muscle and joint pain, proponents swear by glyconutrients. In one case history, a woman suffered for many years from damage caused by a faulty chiropractic procedure. After taking liquid supplements containing glyconutrients, however, the pain eased. Within the timeframe of several months, the pain disappeared completely. No side effects from the glyconutrient supplements were reported.

Purported to energize the bodys cells without the stimulation of the cardiovascular or neuromuscular systems, glyconutrients supposedly keep the immune and hormonal systems in good working condition.

Many people suffering from fibromyalgia (chronic muscle pain accompanied by fatigue) rate glyconutrients as a “rising star” among the treatments for this rheumatic disorder (not to be confused with rheumatoid arthritis. Mannose, one of the eight sugars found in glyconutrients, has been found to help repair tissue and promote the healing of wounds. Because its theorized that the chronic muscle pain of fibromyalgia may be caused by muscle cells impaired ability to regenerate themselves when damaged, some see the logic is crediting the mannose sugar found in glyconutrients.

The respected Mayo Clinic accedes that research involving animals shows possible health benefits from glyconutrient supplements. But the Clinic is quick to disclaim any purported health benefits as arthritis relief, muscle pain relief, or any other type of physical relief for humans because no supporting scientific research currently exists.

The risks and benefits of glyconutrients remain unknown as far as hard science is concerned, but for many people with muscle pain who finding satisfaction in using them, this fact does little to dissuade them. So for now, glyconutrients are playing a major role among those with muscle pain as well as many other health problems. Hopefully someday soon we will all know the truth about the claims regarding glyconutrient supplements.

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