Gerson Therapy for Skin Cancer

When a person is diagnosed with skin cancer they will face very few possible treatment plans from their health care provider. The initial treatment will consist of the surgical removal of the tumor. The next step will depend on whether the tumor is a melanoma or not.

Then the alternatives will be between radiation therapy and chemotherapy. But what of the many other alternatives out there that are not offered to skin cancer patients. Are there some that should be considered? The Gerson Therapy is one very well known treatment plan.

Immune System Based

The Gerson therapy plan goes by the philosophy that the immune system needs to be boosted to help the patients body fight off the skin cancer, or any other cancer. This therapy can be done at home by the patient on his or her own with materials gleaned from the Internet on the right way to practices this therapy.

But it is suggested that instead the patient finds a clinic licensed in this treatment specialty and at least begin their treatment plan there. The treatment plan is always slightly modified to suit the individual patients requirements.

Dr. Gerson first wrote up his ideas on boosting the bodys immune system by using natural means in 1945. His theories seem to stand the test of time. His observations are that these cancers seem to be worse in cultures where mankind eats too many prepackaged foods with additives.

He believed that man needed to use the natural things we grow to purify and boost the patients ability to fight off the cancer.

Dietary Regimen

What Gerson promoted was the consumption of organically grown fruits and vegetables daily. On his plan the patient is to drink one glass of fresh organically grown juice every hour for a total of thirteen hours daily.

The patient must eat three vegetarian meals daily as well and they should consist of a salad, a vegetable soup, cooked vegetables, baked potatoes and juice to drink. Snacks and desserts are encouraged as long as they are also fruits or vegetables.

Natural Medications

Gersons beliefs were that the uses of natural medications to boost the immune system and to clean the body were the only way to properly fight cancer. All patients must use potassium compound, Vitamin B12, thyroid hormone, pancreatic enzymes, crude liver extract and they must have coffee or chamomile enemas.

The enemas are to stimulate bile flow and improve liver function. They are to enable the body to get rid of the toxicity in the body. Interestingly patients of the Gerson philosophy often report a lessening of pain, improved healing and a feeling of wellbeing from the enemas.


A couple of warnings about this treatment plan. It is not to be used when a patient is using chemotherapy. Also even those who swear by the curative powers of the Gerson Therapy will tell you that this does not work for everyone. Never stop the treatment you are having in mid-therapy to begin something else without consulting with your health care provider.

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